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To Mike,

I thought your experience was very interesting.  My prebirth is a little different than yours, I only remember being conscious in the womb and being disoriented when I was born but I thought as a child the same as I think now in the sense of my consciousness, their was obvious a huge amount of knowledge I have amassed since then.  Interesting that you weren't placed into your body until your physical body was in the nursery.  I also remember being an infant and just being able to see the world around me for small periods of time and then passing out from tire.  Your experience seems to open up my mind a little bit more on when the child really becomes a living being.  It may not be the same time for everybody.


November 13, 2005

To Mike,

I remember some, too. Some of your memories are very similar to mine.


July 20, 2005 

Greetings from The Ancient One

Hello Michael

While on an Exquisite and Uplifting Journey in Cyberspace I came upon the Purpose and Vision which is your site. Thank you for Sharing your Experience of Being Alive. I was Pleased to peruse your Personal Exploration. My compliments on a Fine and Interesting site. I am Honoured to have Sailed into your Sea of Creation. I Applaud your efforts. May yours be a Path which leads to Wisdom and Celebrates the Unity of all Living Beings.

I am a Intuitive Empath , Poet and Shamanic Advisor in Canada. I Enjoyed your Unique Perspective and found everything a Refreshing Treat. Thank you for Sharing your Fertile Ground and Self Cultivation. I am Pleased I found your Creative Vision and Soulful Individuality. I wish you an Exploration of Heart and Mind that Nourishes the Spirit and Embraces the Soul.

May yours be a Path to Enlightenment which Activates your Higher Self and is always in Harmony with the Soul.

Yours in Generosity of Spirit
Micheal T

July 16, 2005

 I just found your website. I am happy, confused, and bewildered..........I never realized others knew. Others as in just regular people that are not extremely spiritual per se.

 This is really amazing to me. it's like a moment of impact. THERE ARE OTHERS!!

 I have known so many things and only been able to talk to a few people....spiritual people with abilities.

Thank you.


July 09, 2005 

To Michael,

You have a love,  travelling down a path toward Unconditional love.  That is the goal for all of us who came to this earth. 

AiSv Nv wa do hi ya do   ( Walk in peace)


June 25, 2005

 There is only one book that deals with a spirit being born. It is: Life Before Life by Helen Wambach. She hypnotises 750 people and takes them back right before birth.


June 11, 2005


I am currently doing a personal hobby research project. I am very interested in pre-birth stories. I am interested in hearing them from children themselves! What fascinates me, just as what fascinated author Carol Bowman of Children's Past Lives, is that some children may spontaneously reveal intriguing things about the spirit world. Therefore, I am asking, if anyone has a story to tell about a young child (0-3) telling about what it was like to be "in Mommy's tummy" , I would LOVE to hear about it!

Is there any way that I can get my contact information included on your website so people may get in touch with me if they are interested?

 I do not have any children myself, so I was hoping others out there would be generous enough to tell me about conversations they may have had with a wee one regarding this subject. I'd like to compile stories and compare them for my personal hobby research project. Please, if anyone is interested in contacting me, they can write to me at .

Mary Olson

Houston, Texas

January 13, 2005

 I have a pre-birth memory that came to me about 12 years ago, it felt like the memory was always there, it was something I always knew, kind of like suddenly remembering what you were wearing on your third birthday, a recovered memory.

January 11, 2005


This sounds bizarre I know but I have two pre birth memories one from a time before time when I was able to communicate with all living things like a Native American myth and one of an assembly in heaven when the "Word" told us of God's plan to redeem fallen man. Anyway thought I would research this a little I am 50 now and haven't met anyone with a pre-birth experience until now. I always knew in the back of my mind that others must have some memory of the time before time too. 



 December 23, 2004


Dear Mike,

My name is Terry, a Chinese from Hong Kong. I find it amazing reading your story.




Hi Mike,

Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful experience with everyone. I admire you for do this not so anonymously as many people in today's world scoff at such ideas.


October 27, 2004


Dear Michael;

  You don't know me but I wish for you to also share my website address with your wife. As I have E-mailed other authors, I will also tell you, that when you visit my website at, , you will clearly read that in no way did I know of other authors writings, or even other stories, of prenatal existence when I wrote my prenatal proof of, Cradle Of Souls. 

  I invite you, and other authors, if you like, to join me in combining forces, publicly, so that the world understands that prenatal existence of souls is a fact - not a figment of imagination. Again, take time to study my website at, Please keep in mind that many of the secular poems were written in my hormonal youth, so some are passionate, but there are no swear words, and they were written well before my encounter with what the Pastor's say was probably the Holy Spirit, in a semi cab in 1990. In which that whole blessing of an incident became the remembrancer of me remembering the Cradle Of Souls.



Richard Caruso,

Stone Sculptor/Poet/Witnesser to the Holy Spirit 

October 10, 2004 


I would like to submit a very good site that teaches how to consciously leave the body while sleeping. The experience is same as that of people who had Near Death experiences. But it is lot more controlled. Thousands of people from all over the world had taken free-online 9 week courses and have managed conscious out of body experiences.

It involves no drugs, no hypnotism, no harmful techniques. The next free round of courses start on 29 Oct, 2004. Visit  The courses are free and downloadable once in a week at any time you can and there are forums to ask questions and clear your doubts. And chat room too.


October 05, 2004



When I was 3-4 years old, I remembered, but vaguely, a place "where I came from" that was so much more beautiful and wonderful than this place.


October 04, 2004


 Hi Mike,
Have you read A Soul's Remembrance? That book has truly changed my life. It is a story similar to yours, but the man that wrote the story has quite a bit more recollection of his pre-birth. If you haven't read it, I highly recommend it to you.
Thank you for sharing your story.


September 24, 2004



Clearly you believe you were meant to spread the word of what happened. 

It's a beautiful story.  



September 04, 2004


 I hope you get this email I have searched long and hard for someone else who knows anything concerning pre birth memory, no one I have told of my memory believes that I can remember before I was born. even my mother whom I told when I was very young though I was making it up or remembering something else. I would love to learn more about what it is exactly that your group does, please email me back.



August 28, 2004




I am an author writing a book ( ) about why souls choose before birth to experience certain challenges in their lives.  May I ask if you know anyone who has such knowledge?  I am looking for people to interview for my book.


Rob Schwartz

August 24, 2004



I read about your pre-birth experience on the near death experiences web. I am l.d.s. and I know with out a doubt you had that experience. it is wonderful. the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches us about the spirit world and how we came here to be born.
      thank you for sharing your experience with other's.


August 14, 2004


 Dear Toni and Mike,


Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Rob Schwartz, and I am an author in Chicago.  I'm writing a book about why people choose before birth to experience certain challenges in their lives ( ).  I'm looking for people to interview for the book who have this unusual type of knowledge.

 May I ask if you know anyone with whom I might want to speak?  Also, would you be willing to send an announcement about my research to your mailing list?  I've pasted the announcement below.

 Thank you in advance for your help.

 Warm regards,



 I am an author writing a book about why souls choose prior to incarnation to experience certain challenges in their lives.  I'm interested in interviewing people who know why their soul selected the specific challenges they have faced.  This book grew out of my own personal spiritual awakening and a desire to write something spiritually meaningful.
This project is an opportunity for people to share stories that may inspire others who face similar challenges.  The book is intended to help people see purpose in suffering that may appear to be arbitrary and meaningless.
If you might like to be interviewed, or for more information, please CONTACT ME DIRECTLY at
In your email, please introduce yourself (first name, age, gender, location, profession, anything else you care to share), and please address the following questions:
What are the major challenges you face or have faced in life?
Why did you choose prior to incarnation to experience these challenges?
How do you know this?
Have you had any spiritual or metaphysical experiences?  If so, please describe.
Are you able to speak directly with Spirit (discarnate entities)?  If so, please describe.


It is my intention to conduct this research with the utmost honour and integrity.  Discretion and confidentiality are very important to me.  Please note that I do not need to use real names in the book.  You will decide whether or not your real name will be used. 
If you know anyone who may have this type of knowledge and who might like to participate, please refer them to this message or to my web page at
I expect to be working on this project well into 2005, so please feel free to contact me even in the "distant" future.
Thank you.

August 14, 2004


 Dear Michael,

 Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Robert Schwartz, and I am a writer in Chicago.  I'm currently writing a book about how souls design their lives prior to incarnation.  The book is explained at .  I'm contacting you to ask if you might be willing to assist me in finding people to interview.

 As the web page indicates, I'm looking for people who know why their soul chose to experience the specific challenges they have faced.  It occurs to me that some of the people on your mailing list may have this type of self-knowledge.

 Would it be possible to post a brief "call for interviewees" somewhere on your web site and/or in one of your emails?  I would greatly appreciate any assistance you might provide.  I have included the message below.

 I thank you for considering my request.

 Warm regards,

Robert Schwartz


Author Seeks People to Interview for Book

Author Robert Schwartz is writing a book ( ) about why souls choose prior to birth to experience certain challenges in their upcoming lifetime.  He would like to interview people who know why their soul chose the specific challenges they have faced.  This is an opportunity for people to share stories that may inspire and help others who face similar challenges.  If you might like to be interviewed, or for more information, please contact him directly at  

July 28, 2004


 Dear Toni, 

 Please allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Robert Schwartz, and I am a writer in Chicago.  I'm currently writing a book about how souls design their lives prior to incarnation.  The book is explained at .  I'm contacting you to ask if you might be willing to assist me in finding people to interview. 

 As the web page indicates, I'm looking for people who know why their soul chose to experience the specific challenges they have faced.  It occurs to me that some of the people who visit your web site may have this type of self-knowledge. 

 Would it be possible for me to post a link on your site with some text explaining my book and asking anyone who might like to be interviewed to contact me?  I would greatly appreciate any assistance you might provide. 

 Unfortunately, I have no budget with which to offer compensation to you.  My hope is that you will see merit in this undertaking and believe, as I do, that such a book has the potential to help people. 

 By way of establishing my credentials, I am a former journalist and have worked for a variety of newspapers and magazines, including Life and U.S. News and World Report.  I was also self-employed as a marketing and communications consultant.  I have a web site at  that is primarily devoted to the corporate writing I once did, but the General Writing and Journalism section contains a few articles I wrote in the area of spirituality.  That is my true interest and passion in life.  As the result of a personal spiritual awakening last year, I left the corporate sector and now write full-time about spirituality. 

 Regardless of your decision, I thank you for considering my request. 

 Warm regards,

Robert Schwartz



I read your BBE. It's Amazing.




 I was wandering around the Internet and chanced upon your writings.  Your account did not mention how or when in your life you became aware of your pre-birth memory.  When I try to analyze my own realization that I could recall pre-birth memories, I find that it is difficult to pinpoint when I actually came to a full realization of the memory.  In fact, I think that I didn't so much remember the pre-birth memory, but rather through a growing awareness of other people's ways of thinking and personal stories, gradually saw my own experiences in relief and in comparison to theirs.  Somewhere around 12 or 13 years of age the my memory started to become something that I was aware of.  I think that around that age I generally started to mature and the comparison between my adolescent self and my emerging adult self and thoughts, caused me to become more self aware.  (There is a Far Side cartoon that describes this kind of shift in awareness quite well.  In the cartoon, there are a bunch of cows in field eating and one bright spark raises his head and says "Grass!  We're eating grass!"). 

 I have always assumed that everyone would have had similar experiences prior to birth, but I had never been able to explain why they didn't remember them.  In my own case, I had a near death experience (I drowned), when I was three or four years old, and in retrospect that incident may be partly responsible for my having access to these memories.  

 Just  a further thought.  I had always assumed that being put in a state of amnesia, was an important part of the life experience, that it somehow enhanced the experience for the person, making it seem more real.  Do you feel your added perspective has made differences in your life, or helped in some way?  Myself, I find the words to the old Grateful Dead song most appropos, "sometimes I'm blinded by the light, sometimes I can hardly see"

 Thanks again.




I've had some pretty interesting experiences myself and I have a keen interest in the mind, philosophy, all that sort of stuff however I do wonder as you noted your memory stopped at around 13, was that due to puberty?

I have a lot of theories that mainly deal with the first orgasm as a method of transferring some sort of energy and the altering perceptions of the mind...

Anyway, would like to hear your input



Dear Mike and Toni:

 I found your website on a search engine, and it is most interesting.  Personally, I have one of the most active religious web sites in the world, and right now we are working on a major sister site, i.e.  ANGELFALL.COM   which is going to deal specifically with pre birth experience.  However it will be doing so in a whole different context. 

 What I am interested in, are any stories, such as people who have gone into a city or town, and they immediately recognize and know where various spots and landmarks are.  Of course they have never been there before and have absolutely no way of knowing these facts, unless it came from a prior life or memory of some kind.  I have heard a number of these case accounts, but cannot seem to locate any at this time.  Also, how does one account for little children three and four years old that are able to play piano Mozart or graduate from High School at six years of age? They just seem to have the knowledge without actually having to learn it.

 Are you familiar with any of these stories or any books/websites that discuss these issues?

 I am not a believer in re-incarnation (people becoming people again and again), but I do believe in the pre-existence of the soul.  My research in the Bible has proven that this is true. Most Christians do not believe in pre-existence, but they are definitely wrong.

 God Bless,














 Hi Mike

         This may interest you. When I was a small child I dreamt that I was in the lounge of my house it was full of people, strangers. I remember a woman walking past me with her arms outstretched staring past me. I somehow knew no one could see me.

I woke up and ran  to the door of the lounge I pushed the door open expecting to see the room full of people.

 Only to find my mom and dad sitting by the fire. This is the strange bit I remember thinking they must be the ones who have to look after me. I am 45 now I was only 2 or 3 then. Its never left me.                                                                         

I know my experience is not prebirth still it seems to me that I existed before the life I am in now.

Its so hard for me to come to such a conclusion. Why? How? What for? maybe one night when I go over it time and time again

the gods will take pity and give me a clue

                                                 Best wishes



 Hi Michael,

 Can't believe I'm writing this. I've only talked about this with my wife and my mother, so I'm not sure why I'm writing this now.  I "carried over" memories of my prebirth existence and bits of previous lives into this life.  I say carried over, what I actually did was concentrate will all my will power before birth, not to forget this time.  That was sooo important, because how many times had I died, only to be hit with, oh no, I forgot again!  I'm not going to go into the memories now. This is very personal, so I'm a little cautious.  I think why I'm thinking about this so much now is my age.  I very much sense my mortality.  This life is getting shorter.

 Best Wishes, R


 I just found this web site. I didn't know there were others who could remember. I thought at times I was losing my mind. I absolutely know without any doubt whatsoever I was somewhere, I was waiting I think, I remember it was time to come here. I wasn't alone. I know I will go there again.

I cant believe this. I thought no one else had these kind of memories.




       It's amazing that I've read a story so similar to mine. I was born 1964 my memories started as I was headed for earth. The being which I spoke to I imagine was my guide as well. I remember not wanting to leave heaven. We had a conversation about why I was leaving but I didn't want to leave. I have a reason why we left heaven but I'll keep that to my self for know. I remember being placed in my mothers womb how long I was there I don't know. But I remember having trouble breathing before I was born. I remember seeing my mothers legs when I came out, the Doctor, and the nurse. Then I remember being in the nursery, were I was in the nursery. A nurse brought my father in front of the glass and pointed at me. I remember what he was wearing. I remember things that happened when I was an infant which was verified by family. My father told me I was a f------ freak. It's nice to know there's others out there. Maybe we were in the same crowd waiting to come here. On your way here do you remember knowing everything? I can remember having so much knowledge how far the sun was from earth the moon planets etc. But after I was born it went away. Anyway I hope your not a crack pot I don't want to buy anything I'm  a normal hardworking person with crazy memories. Good luck on your journey maybe I'll see you back there one day if I make it.


 Hi Michael,

During my random cruising of the internet I came across your site and was very interested in reading it. As a committed Christian, I noticed that you mentioned God several times during your weird experiences. I was wondering if you would have any Biblical proof about these sort of things because to date I have never come across anything about pre-birth experiences or anything of the sort. In fact to my knowledge the Bible talks about the physical side of life and how to obey God etc, nothing about seeing your life beforehand or anything.



 Dearest Michael,

I, too, have a prebirth memory, but mine was not as detailed as yours.

Hope to visit your site again soon, and Eternal love, J


 Hello Honeys, 

I regularly check on Updates on this Amazing PreBirth Topic!

 Am very Curious if this Topic will be revealed more openly through the Mainstream Media? 

Probably not yet, (Hopefully it will be soon!)... 

I listened to Roy Mills on the Radio Via Real Player & what an Incredible Testimony this Man is to the World on this!

 On a Deeper Level, I know everything he says on the Interview is true, as People  unlikely make up Stories with Things like that, just for Money, when Eternal Thing are at Stake.

 I for one, Surely hope that all this is True!

 Looking Forward as more Research comes to Light on this Exciting Topic!

 You 2 Honeys are doing a great Job, sharing this Amazing Info with the World!

 As is the Case with all Things, "The Truth will Ultimately Prevail"!

 God Bless ,



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